When it comes to remodeling your pool we can help with a basic resurface or a complete redesign.

Start by looking at your swimming pool and making a list of all the things you would like to change or update. The following are just a few remodeling ideas to help you with your list:

Change Your Waterline Tile: New waterline tile can help breathe new life into any swimming pool.

Install a new Interior Finish: Whether you go with traditional standard plaster or an upgraded plaster, it will make your pool look brand new again!

Decking: Change the color, coating, shape or size of your existing swimming pool deck.

Install New Pool Equipment: Add an energy efficient swimming pool pump, a fully automatic salt water chlorination system, an automatic In-floor cleaning system, or a high-capacity cartridge filter to help bring your pool up to date.

Add a Spa: Give yourself the gift of a therapeutic backyard hydrotherapy that you can use all year long!

Add a Wet Deck: A wet deck is the perfect play area for both adults and young children. Typically 6 inches deep, a wet deck is the perfect place for a swimming pool umbrella and beach chair.

Add a Natural Rock Waterfall or Slide: The relaxing sound of flowing water will make you want to vacation in your backyard everyday not to mention that it will also be the perfect and fun way to bring the WOW factor to any swimming pool! Change your swimming pool’s shape or depth.

If you can dream it, we can build it! No matter what the shape or depth of your swimming pool is now, MBM Pools can alter it to encompass the design changes you are looking for.

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