As one of the best pool equipment repair companies in Arizona, we can handle a project of any size, big or small.

Don't get stuck trying to fix the pool pump that just suddenly went out!

MBM Pools is only the pool repair company you will need to call for any pool equipment repairs in Chandler AZ. We can usually respond on the same day you call to make sure that your pool is up and running as soon as possible.

Leave it to MBM Pools to be there when your pool equipment needs repair.

If your pool equipment breaks down we will be there to fix it. We know how terrible it can be on a blazing hot summer Arizona day and all of a sudden, your pump or some other piece of equipment breaks down. We have some of the best trained technicians in all of Phoenix. Give us a call anytime if you have any questions!

We offer a wide range of repair options, here are the main pool equipment we repair:

Many pool owners don't realize how much energy their pool pump may be wasting. Conventional pool pumps, with only one speed, are set to run at higher speeds and waste energy during filtration by running faster than necessary. Variable speed pumps can be programmed to match the pump's task (filtering, running a pool cleaner) with the appropriate pump speed. The energy saved is considerable!


The key to long-term satisfaction with the pool ownership experience is having a pool that's always crystal clear, remains trouble-free, and is easy to maintain. A quality filter system is essential for health and safety because much of the organic materials suspended in the water can provide food for bacteria and algae. These impurities from animal sources, dirt, leaves, grass, hair, and body oils must be removed if a pool or spa is to be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition. We are certified for repair and equipment replacement by the major manufacturers.

Salt Systems:

Salt water pool systems are definitely trending right now. They create chlorine in your pool water using salt rather than adding harsh chemicals. Enjoy sparkling clean water, naturally and automatically. Never buy, mix or measure chlorine again!

Automated Controls:

Control heating, lighting, and cleaning cycles with the push of a button. Use automated controls poolside, from inside the home, or from a smartphone. Come home to a spa that is preheated and ready to enjoy! We can repair or program existing systms, perform upgrades, or install brand-new control systems.

We specialize in equipment repair, installation of new equipment, and resolving plumbing and electrical issues.

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